Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello from some part of the world.

I'm in SG right now taking my time off from the hustle and bustle that is Manila. I'm enjoying my time here so far. It's a bit lonely though, cos my sister's not here so I have to sleep in my room alone. She's back in Manila, busy being pregnant and all. She's due late April and we couldn't be more excited for the baby's coming. We don't know the gender yet so at Ikea my Mom bought cute baby stuff appropriate for both male and female.

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote here, it has gone so busy in Med school I couldn't even watch a full show on TV.

I'm coping well in fact, what with all the mind-crunching demands of Med. Ugh. It's the holidays, and really I shouldn't be talking about anything school related. Haha. I'm just really relieved I got to leave the country and surround myself with a whole new environment. We all need something new(well not really, this is my 5th time visiting SG) sometimes, you know, it keeps us going. Monotony isn't really my thing you know.

In a few days we're coming home to Manille and hopefully I've already regained all energy to go on with stuff.

Live long and prosper!
Happy holidays!