Friday, April 27, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun

Last Wednesday I helped my cousin shop for new clothes at the newly opened F21 at SM North. It was my first time to go there, so I began feeling all hyped up the moment my cousin messaged me saying she wanted to check out the place. Anyway the shop was big, just one big, big, shopping haven full of racks, clothes, and women. It's not as huge as the one in SM Megamall though. It was not all crowded like I expected, thankfully, so we were able to roam around freely without bumping into someone else's behind.

I picked out clothes for her, showed her which top goes with this and that, and so on. It was fun helping her out, and who wouldn't enjoy browsing through the awesome clothes F21's got?

Bright colors, as well as pastels, are so in right now. Color blocking's the trend, so you won't go wrong pairing hot pink with orange, coral with blue, green with yellow, the list goes on(Now don't go telling Barney he doesn't have a fashion sense). There were also cropped tops everywhere, ranging from cute neons to grungey, bad-ass ones. Throw in cute graphic tees, and the collection's complete. F21's a trip back to the 90's. LOVE.

My cousin bought a huge bag full of clothes, but of course, I didn't leave the store empty-handed. Bought these:

 So yay!

Live long and prosper, oh, and have a happy summer! :)
XO Judielle

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This is why I love sleeping so much

October 14, 2010

‘Cause I always have the most awesome dreams. Okay, when I woke up this afternoon I felt like going back to sleep. The dream I had was just plain amazing. To narrate what exactly occurred would be impossible, I’ve already forgotten some parts of it, but I’ll try my very best to sum it up in three words: Football, Dancing, and BRANDON FLOWERS. Oh my God, just typing his name made my heart skip a beat.

To the best of my ability I would try and describe what happened:

Since Trudi and I broke up almost 5 months ago, I kept having dreams about him, about weddings and wonderful dates at the beach. This dream I had about football, he was in it, only this time, he wasn’t the one playing on the field, it was me. He was cheering me on. It was raining cats and dogs, my legs were all muddy, and after the game he picked me (all wet and fugly) up in his arms and we went someplace only the deep recesses of my brain would know about. It was all too fucking sweet. Even in my dreams, I love him to death. *KILIG*

I missed dancing, so I figured that was why I dreamt I was rehearsing for some competition. Dreams can make you more talented, more spontaneous, more FLEXIBLE than you really are. I was break dancing, and I was watching myself do stuff I absolutely cannot do in real life. Like twisting my shoulder and leaning on my elbow for support while raising my legs in a way they were doing it in Step Up or You Got Served.

The third part of the awesome dream was about Brandon Flowers. I would’ve just died right then and there, and if I really did then they would report “bangungot” as the cause of my death. Yuck nakakahiya, even para sa kaluluwa ko. All because of Brandon Flowers, and how he was wearing black eyeliner, how he told me that The Killers has already disbanded, and how we kissed, passionately. Now I’m turning red.

My dreams put the AWE in awesome.

Live long and prosper,

Of wisdom teeth and 3-day sales

October 22, 2010 (Wow this was made too long ago)

Of wisdom teeth and 3-day sales!

Sooo I was at UST last Friday to arrange my papers for Med School. After that I went straight to SM Megamall to check out the sale. It was only a little after one in the afternoon yet the mall was already packed with people already carrying bags, dodging and elbowing other people here and there. Grabe! I headed to the 2nd level, and there it was. The looooong line of girls waiting for their turn to enter shopping heaven, Forever 21. It was crazy. I didn’t bother to fall in line, instead, I browsed through other shops for items on sale. Maldita had some nice clothes, but there weren’t any small ones left. On occasions like that I wished I was a few sizes bigger so I could fit in something in size medium or large. But then I saw this blue blazer that was the only one left in size small. YAY! I noticed someone else eyeing it already so I grabbed it before anyone could take it. It was a bit loose on me but c’mon, it’s been slashed 70% off its original price, which was 1,200PHP. GOOD BUY.

I rolled up the sleeves, it looks better that way when worn. I’m so happeh I got this!

The following day Ate and I woke up early. We talked about hitting SM before 10AM. Our target: A mad dash to Forever 21. Hahaha! We entered the door where the supermarket was, and there was still this barricade that divided the mall/shops from the supermarket. It was a funny scene. We were like zombies waiting for our meal. Hahaha. The barricade slowly opened, and so the mad dash began. We arrived and there wasn’t a line yet. People came and went freely, but inside there were already lots of shoppers everywhere.

I wasn’t able to buy anything on sale. The experience was fun though. I bought the basic tank top and 2 cocktail rings.

Then came my wisdom tooth removal. That afternoon I had one removed by Dr. Lee of LDC. He was damn good. The other bottom one will be removed a week after this. No pain, no gain. The only way out, is in (says Guru Pitka, my Love Guru). Well it was pretty much painless, thank God Almighty. It was scary hearing the tools in my mouth, and what he actually did was crack the bone(“There’ll be a cracking sound, ignore it”—Dr. Lee. My eyes were closed the whole time they were doing it and I even held the other dentist’s hand and squeeze on it every cracking sound my tooth made) to get it out in pieces, not as a single, large tooth. Strong dentists rock. They make surgeries look so easy. I suffered a swollen face, my right side, for almost a week, it got better just yesterday, and now I could eat more solid stuff and skip the lugaws and the goto. The ice cream can stay. :)

Tomorrow they’ll remove my sutures. FREEDOM!

Live long and prosper,

Good stuff, bad stuff

Written January 21, 2011

TV SERIES. I have been so engrossed in watching House, M.D. My laptop’s been keeping me company on cold, lonely (*tear*) nights. Well, on boring nights rather, when I have nothing left to do but sleep. I like the series a lot better than Grey’s Anatomy, probably because of the abundance of its sarcasm (and I speak good sarcasm) and it basically concentrates more on a field I’m so used to, and not much on the cheesy, making-out-and-getting-it-on part. Not like I dislike it, but, whatever, I’ll shut up now and get it on with someone. Anyway, House gives me a sense of victory especially when I guess a diagnosis right. Sometimes it pays to be a lab scientist, even if it’s just sitting on a couch and watching TV.

The Walking Dead is just plain awesome. Who who’d have thought that zombies can also play their part in a TV series? I, for one, think that it’s better than a lot of post-apocalyptic “Zombieocalypse” movies. Zombieland was one good shit, but heck, if I was a zombie superstar I’d go and rot my way to hunt for Andrew Lincoln. My sister recognized him instantly; he was from Love, Actually. The one who was head over heels for Keira in the movie. Moreover this good, good shiz is actually based on a comic book series.

I’ve discovered a really cool chart about zombieocalypse movies. I’ll post it up in a while.

MY APPETITE’S GONE WAYWARD. I’ve stopped drinking my weight-gain milk, and my appetite for food (DUH) is through the roof. I should have known that the milk would only make me heavier, not fatter. There’s a fine line between heavy and fat, well, at least in my opinion. I wanna go to Banchetto next week, and I wanna bring my boyfriend along. I’m also planning to try out Jap food in Little Tokyo, at Makati. My best friend’s been raving about it for a long time now, and pretty soon, I surely will too. Eat good food, have a great life!

JAIL. I’m on house arrest. Well. Not literally. So now I’ll be speaking to no one in particular… Do you know what positive motivation is? It’s just like this. How can you tell your employee that he’s been doing fucking poor on his work? You can’t just lash it out on him, ‘cause sometimes anger can’t make a person do well on his job, it only discourages him and humiliates him and feeds on his self-esteem and in some cases, rebel, thank you very much. In an otherwise better situation however, If you tell this employer how he’s been doing a good job and maybe do so much better, then it may involve him REALLY doing so much better in his work. Positive motivation. It’s just one of the many things a parent should possess. Don’t get me wrong, I love life, and I have enough zest for it, but it’s like I’m wearing this long, long chain on my wrist and is connected to home, whenever I’m out with friends and/or foes (Muahahaha.). Oh, and if you call right now we’ll give you a tracker, to always update you on your daughter’s whereabouts, absolutely free!

Hee. Told you I speak good sarcasm.

I don’t ask for much, just a little freedom and understanding. Honestly, a parent who gives her kid everything ( a good school, new clothes, new stuff, EVERYTHING) doesn’t necessarily indicate her being a good one.

“Oh for heaven’s sake child, when you become a parent yourself, you’ll understand why.” Cut the crap, oldie. I’ve heard degrading lines like, “I’m smarter than you two put together.” It was addressed to me and my older sister. Up until now, it reverberates in my head. I would never forget the day she said that. Never.

BOOKS. More books to read makes one live in a world one never knew existed. I want to get my hands, and eyes, on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I just finished with another Neil Gaiman page-turner, so I’m opting for a different kind of thrill this time. The Hunger Games Trilogy is also included in my list, though I’m not pretty sure of its fate in the near future. Think Twilight Saga. Sucks, right? Or was it Twaylayt, can’t even remember. Beat the Reaper is also a must.


That cutiepatootie Chinese girl on my right is Lalaine, I call her Lemon cos it’s cuter that way, and the guy on my left is Brother. We call him that cos he’s from a seminary high school. He’s really John Mark, according to his birth parents. They’re two of the best people I met in college. We recently had dinner at Cyma (OPA!), but it was a brief and tasteless dinner. I was practically wolfing down my food, cos that same night I got a call from my boyfriend, who got rushed to the ER cos he was having a tough time breathing and boy was he hot as lava, so I hurried to the hospital and thanked God he still recognized his hot girlfriend. HAHA.

Live long and prosper,
Judielle <3


Written Feb 11, 2011


So what’s with all these experiments with make-up? For the record I’m no professional MUA. I just like to do it as a hobby, one I started doing since college. I was inspired by my sister’s friend. She had attended various workshops, and I was enthralled by how well she can apply eye shadow and how professional-looking her make-up case was, what with all the things there inside. It took a long time before I got a make-up case of my own. My sister gave it to me as a present about two years ago. But it never got full. Not even halfway there. I was a student for crying out loud, I was poor, and I was only able to buy things that were student-priced. Hahaha. Anyway here’s my good ‘ol hollow box of wonders.

On the contrary my sister’s case is quite crammed already. Believe it or not, this sister of mine has about 40 lipsticks in all. Majority of those are MAC lippies. Like WOW. I benefit from this really, cos I can borrow anything from her. Cheers for having a sibling who is just like me, only older.

The perks and upsides of the working class. Sigh.

It just takes practice to perfect applying make-up, really. Even salesladies handling make-up counters have a knack of doing it too.

When I start working and get my own munneh, I’ll purchase more stuff then maybe, just maybe, after work, come med school, I’ll be capable of balancing medicine(priorities, priorities), freelancing as a MUA, and being a mother of three. All that I can become, well, except for the last part. Not yet. :)

Live long and prosper

Monday, April 23, 2012

I did something productive yesterday

March 25th, 2011

I did something productive yesterday.
Instead of wasting around and doing nothing while at home, I covered some of my books with plastic film. Believe me, nothing’s sadder than letting your paperback books get chipped off/torn/folded over time. I was sitting on the couch when I noticed the poor state American Gods was in. I can almost hear it crying desperately for help. So I grabbed what was left of the plastic roll (which was then used as cover for my school books, but I’m not in school anymore so now it just serves as a dirt detector inside the storage room) wiped the film of dirt building on the surface, and cut and covered and taped away. I managed to cover three of my Gaiman books. As you can see American Gods looks to be about fifty years old, but thanks to my loving and caring hands (and smooth and soft and everything’s a lie) it already is fully restored. YAY! Neverwhere is still brand new since I bought it last January but covered it anyway. Hell, Gaiman books are for keeps.

Well obviously I cannot do anything about the yellowing pages. As a matter of fact, I think yellowed and crispy pages make for cooler than cool books. I can say that I did a pretty good job. I might as well switch careers and be a librarian instead. :))

Why only three books? Maybe my diligence only ran for half an hour. I don’t plan on covering all my books yet. And speaking of books it breaks my heart to think of the books I’ve lost because of not having a permanent address or for having an ex who didn’t bother returning them. I’ll write about my undying love for reading, soon. :)

Blog Transfer

Okay. I started blogging originally on Tumblr, but all my orig posts mixed with the re-blogged ones and I found it quite messy. I shall transfer some of my previous posts from Tumblr to this one.

Tumblr, I'm moving out. Don't worry, I'll visit you from time to time. :)