Friday, February 22, 2013

March On

March is fast approaching and so is everything a med student wishes most for - SUMMER VACATION. What a taste of heaven it'll be, to just walk out that door(cue the flying test papers and the slow mo run towards freedom) and forget pretending to be smart and actually have the right to remain sluggish for the whole stretch of the vacay. A month to go and I get to say goodbye to 2nd year med, foreva.

Time really zooms by, looking back at all the stuff I had to do starting June of last year, I can say that I did good. Yeah, some subjects fcuked me up really bad but I was able to recover fast. It's prolly 'cos first year medicine taught me how to do that. Believe me, I had a taste of pretty disgusting grades... I'm not the smartest person in class you see, not even the second best. I'm just your average Joe, the kind of individual who has to strive hard to aim something you know, who sometimes has to Wiki something just to come up with the right answer, the kind who sometimes relies on her classmates for an answer to the professor's question. How I survived an entire year of med school, I don't know, I just took one day at a time, and it wasn't easy. There were a lot of crying and doubting plus coffee in between, to the point that I had to convince myself that I'd end up nowhere if I don't go on. I didn't get to see my old friends that much anymore, and it's not long before all the zits on my face make their very own zipcode. Every cloud comes with a silver lining though, truth be told, I'm still here 'cos I love it here, and, by the way, I love how I gained almost 10 pounds since first year. I think I look better with some chunk on my face and with dimples, thank you very much.

One more month. Hopefully I pass everything, and if I do, I might have to do that slow-mo run after all.

Live long and prosper.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

V-day prepper!

Anyone'll totally rock this look for Valentine's day... Single or not. :)

Here are the products used:

For the eyes:
Echo beach (UD Vice palette)
Snakebite (Naked 2)
Provocateur (UD Vice palette)
Busted (Naked 2)
Anonymous (UD Vice palette)

Petroleum jelly (yes you read that right)
MAC Crosswires

Just some random cuteness

It's Daddy Thranduil being the dwarf-hater that he is. Hahaha!

Live long and prosper.