Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello from some part of the world.

I'm in SG right now taking my time off from the hustle and bustle that is Manila. I'm enjoying my time here so far. It's a bit lonely though, cos my sister's not here so I have to sleep in my room alone. She's back in Manila, busy being pregnant and all. She's due late April and we couldn't be more excited for the baby's coming. We don't know the gender yet so at Ikea my Mom bought cute baby stuff appropriate for both male and female.

A lot has happened since the last time I wrote here, it has gone so busy in Med school I couldn't even watch a full show on TV.

I'm coping well in fact, what with all the mind-crunching demands of Med. Ugh. It's the holidays, and really I shouldn't be talking about anything school related. Haha. I'm just really relieved I got to leave the country and surround myself with a whole new environment. We all need something new(well not really, this is my 5th time visiting SG) sometimes, you know, it keeps us going. Monotony isn't really my thing you know.

In a few days we're coming home to Manille and hopefully I've already regained all energy to go on with stuff.

Live long and prosper!
Happy holidays!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shameless, I know.

My cut version of Redemption Song. Enjoy(or not). :)

Live long and prosper,

Monday, October 22, 2012

MUA for the Lumineux Fashion Show

Here are some BTS photos from last month's event. :)

Photos by Diego Lee

 The designer wanted an intense smokey look, so I basically just patted on lots of black on the outer corners. The model's Keren, my classmate/friend/bitch-friend in Med. Hahaha! We get along like that.

First client! Photo from Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals

Mookie and Angela for the T-shirt contest, Prince of Persia inspired

This was my first real gig as an aspiring makeup artist. I have always wanted to be one since I was 19, and now that I'm 23, I'm still chasing this dream and I'm already gaining on it. How come I'm able to do it little by little?

I'm on a really tight budget right now cos I'm not working and still a student, I have very limited stuff and will not be able to hoard loads of makeup anytime soon, I stick to drugstore brands(except for lipsticks, which I'm most fond of) and I have a very tiny makeup case(I don't have those thingies which have wheels and lightbulbs in them. Haha). Nonetheless, I'm still going to pursue this passion of mine. :)

Live long and prosper.

MAC Marilyn Monroe lipstick in Charmed, I'm Sure

I have always loved Marilyn. Hence, when I heard that MAC was coming up with some delicious stuff in honor of the timeless beauty, I did not pass up the chance to grab at least one of the lippies!

I was really rooting for the shade Deeply Adored, but all the MAC outlets I called up had all their stocks of the lipstick sold already. I was a day late, as the launching of the collection was held October 20th, and I began calling the shops October 21st. Luckily TriNoma had a few Charmed I'm Sure(my 2nd choice) lippies left, so I rushed to the mall and got one. The color looks really nice, maybe something between Ruby Woo and Russian Red, not too bright, not too dark. It's the perfect shade. <3

I missed writing in this blog.
More in the days to come.

Live long and prosper.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Walking on a dream

I wrote this over a year ago, as a requirement for a med school. I poured all my heart and soul into this, so I share this to you now, the serious, no arte side of me. 

The hospital used to be my second home. As a sickly little girl I had always spent my days lying on the hospital bed, and I can clearly recall also having to spend my birthday, Christmas, and New Year there. That was how quickly I had been able to adapt to the surroundings of the place. I started to like the familiar smell of a hospital, that faint smell of alcohol one usually recognizes the moment he enters the premises. I started picturing myself wearing a doctor’s white gown, and from that moment on I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up. I wanted to be a doctor.
My education was an inspiration for me to explore what life can offer me. When I was in high school I considered taking up pre-law in college so I would become a lawyer, or something which suits me, like journalism (because I have always been fond of writing) or mass communications (because I like interacting with people). The possibilities were endless, and even opportunities come every single day, in little doses. I took a shot for a big one. I chose the one thing that has always been in my heart and which dates back to my childhood years. I decided to take up pre-med and be a doctor. This will be a cinch, I thought. And boy, was I wrong. College turned out to be a bully in disguise, and it was out to get me. I never let it get me though, I’ve always loved Science, and even if I had to fully absorb myself with every branch of Chemistry there is, and master lengthy names of bacterium and viruses, it never occurred to me to quit. My eyes were on the prize. My heart was all set in becoming a doctor. I was an intern when I was in my fourth year in college. Internship taught me a lot of things one cannot learn by merely sitting in a chair and listening to your professor while you jot down notes on your notebook. Being an intern is a practice for professionalism and a test of endurance (24 hours of duty is no joke), and compassion for others rises up to about five to ten times. It was such a thrilling and humbling experience for me altogether.
I am never the type to give up quickly. When I can’t find a solution to a problem, I exhaust all means to solve it. I like analyzing, I like details. Recently I have been watching this TV drama called House M.D. It’s about a sarcastic and cunning physician named Gregory House. I was inspired by this fictional character, because he’s always able to unravel every medical mystery of one patient to another. However his unkind manner draws him away from people. He’s incapacitated, yet able to save lives. Someday I will do so much more. I will be a doctor AND someone who can be relied upon. I will save lives, even if I’m no superhero. Even if I’m no Gregory House.
In a decade, I’ll be 31, and I foresee myself as a strong and mature woman, able to handle tough situations with grace.  Moreover, I envision myself already married to a wonderful and loving man. I have always believed that building a family is one of the precious gifts one can give to himself, as his family will become his ultimate stronghold in life, his source of love and acceptance. Also, by that time I already am a full-fledged doctor, a cardiologist, or maybe even an internist, extending a helping hand to people of poor health, saving lives by treating them, and at the same time providing transparency and offering fair judgment at all times. There’s something about helping others that makes me feel good inside. Being a good physician means selfless service to others, and ten years from now, I’ll finally be able to be one of those white coat-wearing professionals we call our doctors.
In the future, I picture myself as someone with a zest for life and adventure, that is why I plan to travel. Travel the world with my family, go to rare places, try something new, try exotic food, just because I never had the chance to do it in the past. It’s never too late for new experiences, and it will be all the more fantastic, because I will be with the ones I love.
We are responsible for what we will become in the future, and what we are now is a projection of the past, but only with the lights on this time. The reason is that we learn out of our previous mistakes, our eyes are put not in the back of our heads, but in front, to remind ourselves to always look ahead and see the bright future with clear vision. My dream of becoming a doctor is just starting to unfold, waiting for me to take that big step that I know I won’t ever regret in doing. I’m looking forward to it.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

MAC Rebel

I'm in love with this lippie! Its color is one of a kind. So if you're bored with your usual pinks and reds, why not go for something insanely eye-catching, like this berry-pink baby? By the way, I borrowed this from my Mom, for the sake of posting this! :D I'm gonna have my own MAC Rebel soon. That's two purple lippies for me! YAY!

Click here for a review of the luscious lipstick by Temptalia. :)

Live long and prosper
XO Rosary Judielle

P.S. I made this blog entry as short and quick as possible. Catching up on some acad readings.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Royalty Peepers

If I had to choose my staple eyeshadow color, it would be purple. I think this color suits the eyes best, besides earthy tones like browns and such. Purple is so sexay, and if you may recall from my previous entries, this color accentuates brown eyes, making them look browner.

Okay, last night I did another look making use of purple with four other colors. It was my first time to blend 5 colors together, and was so happy about the result. You might shy away from that idea, cos Holy Spock, five? That's a lot, considering we usually stop with 2 colors.

I didn't bother putting on foundation, concealer, and the works. I immediately proceeded with the eyeshadow. Last night was a school night, and I had 7 am classes this morning(I arrived late cos the traffic was really bad. Good thing the the class, Pathology, didn't start on time). In fact, after all this was done I washed my face then went straight to bed. Cutting the crap, here's the photo with the end result. Again forgive me for the poor picture quality Photo Booth made. Promise, this looks much better in person. :)

Open peepers
If you want to achieve(achev) this look, here's how:
1. Color #1: With a small shadow brush, swipe on a brown color(you can go for a shimmery one, too, it's prettier) to the bottom of your upper lids, the area right above the lash lines. Be careful not to go beyond the creases of the eyes, cos we're going for a different color next. Apply the same color to the lower lash lines. Go a bit further down for the not-over-the-top raccoon eyes effect. It would give a sultry kinda effect to the look.

2. Color #2: Now using a medium shadow brush, apply a warm pink to the creases of your eyes, and blend away. Sweep beyond the creases so it almost reaches the brow bones. This technique needs to be done because we need the warm pink to peek out of the the purple which would be applied over it.

3. Color #3: To add the effect of depth to the eyes, the royal color purple is used. It's the rightful heir to the outer corners or the outer V's of the eyes(too much Game of Thrones, I know). Now apply the same color exactly to the lower lash lines(the brown eyeshadow should still predominate), the same way you apply eyeliner.

4. Color #4: A shimmery cream colored eyeshadow is for the inner corners, as well as along the brow bones, to brighten the peepers.

5. Color #5: Using your pinky fingers, dab a bit of gold eyeshadow on the middle of the bottom lids. There's no need for blending here.

6. Apply your favorite eyeliner along your water lines.

And you're done! Just remember: BLEND TO MEND. ;)

*Colors used are from the e.l.f 100 palette
Live long and prosper
XO Rosary Judielle

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Now you're gonna see my face

Then my face again, and another, and another.

Okay. If you've read my past posts you would know that I'm really not fond of collages, although I admit they're actually pretty to look at. But I had to try out my new gadget's Photo Booth which had this feature. Our family's old Mac computer is almost through serving its purpose. It's been with us since 2006. As much as I don't want to let it go, sooner or later I might have to say goodbye to it. Sob. :(

Moving on to another topic, classes have just started again, and I hate to say this but I might not be able post here as often as I did last month. Lessons will start piling up, and exams will suck the energy out of me. It's my second year in Medicine school and sleep would be of utmost importance to me in the months to come. I do hope I may squeeze in some time for my make up posts. Speaking of which, the four faces you see there are wearing MAC Up the Amp. It's the only purple lipstick I own, and to my dismay the bullet broke in half ages ago. It didn't stop me from using it though, only now I use a brush so the affected part would not budge.

I just realized I wrote about two MAC's today. Hahaha.

Live long and prosper
XO Judielle

Happy 23rd Birthday, Love.

So yesterday was my boyfriend Trudi's birthday! He's been celebrating his birthday with me for roughly 6 years now. Within that span of time I never really gave him jaw-dropping, best girlfriend award-worthy gifts like an Xbox, toys, or an AWESOME VADER AWESOME HELMET(cos it's that awesome). Every now and then I give him inexpensive gifts, small tokens of love like cool graphic t-shirts, or just anything which catches my attention. That's one thing I love about Trudi- he doesn't care that much about material things, well, except for that car he'd always so wistfully yearn for.

After the grueling Pharmacology class I headed to E. Rod to meet up with him and his friends, Jonette and Bruce.

Jonette, My birthday boy, Bruce
I love you, and a happy happy birthday to you, Darling.

Live long and prosper
XO Judielle :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Electric Feel

She got the power in her hand 
To shock you like you won't believe.

A combo of blue and pink? Why not. Absolutely not for the faint-hearted, this look exudes confidence, but please, do me a favor and don't go to Sunday Mass wearing it.

Start with a light purple color on the inner corner of your eyes, working your way outwards and stopping halfway. Now apply a light shade of blue to the outer(or, distal, if you prefer medical terms) second half of your lid, then a dark blue on the outermost corner. As you can see, I chose to go beyond my lids for that winging effect. How I did just that, easy peasey: Scotch tape. Just put the tape onto your skin, just below the area where you want your eyeshadow to be. Swipe away, remove the tape, and there you have it, the perfect wing!

Finish the look by swiping black eyeshadow along your creases. :)

Eyes: Dreamgirl 4U2 Eyeshadow Quattro, Beauty Angel Palette(free from the Suesh workshop)
Lips: NYX soft matte lip creme in Addis Ababa

XO Judielle

We Are Young, the retarded version feat. Rosary and Trudi

We made this not too long ago. And he made me post this. You filthy little shmuck. This is why I love you. Hihi.

The Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball Manila 2012

I first heard Lady Gaga while watching Gossip Girl, back in 2008/2009. It was during the White Party, when Serena kissed Nate(OMG Nate. Making my googly eyes again) to make Nate's girlfriend jealous. Watch it here. Being the music lover that I am, I instantly fell for the song and looked for the title like a madwoman. It was the song Paparazzi sang by some artist called Lady Gaga. I never knew she would make it big. Now people are going nuts for her and paying a gazillion bucks for her concert tickets.

Lady Gaga's truly an artist. Yes she's weird and wears otherworldy clothes, YES she may be worshipping some other god and some of her music may suggest that, and her unorthodoxy may seem off to other people, but hell(no pun intended), why focus on that when her music actually encourages confidence and a sense of self-worth?

This was the highlight of summer vacation. I went with my mom, sister and cousin for the second night of The Born This Way Ball last May 22nd, and I'm telling you, Lady Gaga's brilliance is beyond crazy. Let the photos do the talking. Sadly though, they're not of great quality.
Le outfit.

Le sister's outfit. Loving the unique necklace!

View from the Gen Ad area

The crowd was this huge.

Whilst singing "Hair", after stating her love for individualism. Holla, gay bestfriends!

Add caption

Paws up! Certified Little Monsters!

Gaga's yummy purple castle (I prefer calling it dungeon)

This was weird, in a good way.

Owned Lower Box like yeaaaah.

Gaga's awesome hologram

Her Origami dress screams FAB!

Add caption

That night we felt as free as our hair

Sorry, but the photos are random in order. They were taken from different cameras.

What's frigging lucky is that, we originally paid for the Gen Ad tickets but, drumrolls if you please, we got transferred to Lower Box, right beside the stage, practically the best seats in the house! My cousin almost cried with delight. My favorite part was when she performed Judas and You and I. Lady Gaga singing Judas made the crowd go, well, gaga. Singing it felt so liberating! The You and I part was just as entertaining. Remember what I told you about learning the You and I choreography? HAH! I danced and sang like no one's there to watch and listen. This is by far the best show I've ever been to.

I'll always be a fan, Mother Monster!

Live long and prosper,
XO Judielle, the little monster

Monday, May 21, 2012

Seems expensive, yet expressive

Unleashing the color junkie in me, once again.

Here are some photos of Scarlett Johansson at the Mango Fashion Awards 2010.

Now for a closer look at her makeup:
As you can see gold + charcoal colored eyeshadow and the black eyeliner bring out the color of her eyes. I have brown eyes and from what I've researched, the colors blue and purple can really accentuate them.

Okay. My turn.

Was I able to achieve Scarlett J's makeup? Err, not quite, but okay enough. My gold's less pigmented, eyeliner less out there, and the lipstick I wore was paler. But considering my photos' quality, I have done a good job.

Eyes: e.l.f 100 palette, Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo mascara, Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel liner in black

Lips: NYX round lippie in Louisiana(If you're wondering why the lippie looked pale, it's cos I only swiped a bit using a lipstick brush. Louisiana's actually a warm fuschia in color)

The ever trusty photo collage (an excuse of vain people who cannot be content with one photo to put their photos together so they won't look too vain. Or so they think.)

Live long and prosper.
XO Judielle

P.S. After 4 years of being blonde and shizz, I've finally dyed my hair black. My hair's originally dark brown but heck, Morticia Addams all the way, baby. All the way.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garage Glamorous

Took inspiration from Lady Gaga's song, Paparazzi. I'm so excited for her concert next week I can barely sit still! 
Without eyeliner
Err, not sure why my hand's placed on my face like that

Eyes: e.l.f. eyeshadow palette - I used the colors pink, purple, and eggplant(yes, you heard it right). I swiped pink on the lids, purple on the outer v's, and eggplant on the bottom of the lids, right above the lash lines. Blend really well! It doesn't matter how long it takes, cos blending's the key to pretty eye makeup! Don't forget to put a light colored eyeshadow on top and on the inner corners of your eyes. 

Lips: But of course, MAC Viva Glam Gaga lippie

I suggest not putting too much eyeliner on cos it might conceal the eggplant colored eyeshadow. :)

Live long and prosper.
XO Judielle